#listen up kids#this#this is why she let ramsay die#all the screaming about how during the battle of blackwater she prayed for peace#or that she should know that violence isn’t the answer#or whatever else tripe people are coming up with#doesn’t change her truth#which is that as long as ramsay was alive#she would never be safe#and neither would anyone around her#so she took his own weapons#primed by his own hand#and simply let him kill himself#and i really don’t want to hear a damn thing about it#or i will lose my mind#and yell at people to stop being such complete chucklefucks#sansa stark#got6#got spoilers#motherfucking queen

(via @misshoneywheeler)

No one is saying she should have kept him alive and been merciful. Most of everyone’s arguments are geared towards the fact that she CHOSE to kill him in an incredibly brutal way and reveled in said brutality. Look at her deadpanned expression and then that smile on her face after watching a man (even one as disgusting as Ramsay) be ripped apart by dogs. No matter how much she wanted it, she shouldn’t be numb to the violence and it’s not badass to be, even though the show runners think it is. They thought that moment was empowering and weren’t even thinking about exploring the fact that what she was doing was incredibly traumatizing and exactly the kind of “justice” Ramsay would deal out. What happens to the northern ways? Would that not have felt like a more powerful statement and a better parallel than this? My issue is that this is so far away from who Sansa’s character is and were supposed to feel good about this moment. D&D only know how to write one kind of woman and have one singular idea of female empowerment, which is violence. This was all just part of the rape revenge fantasy they had written and they called her steely walk away shot with the smile on her face after watching someone get eaten alive one of their favorite moments they’ve ever filmed on the show. Sansa’s forced upon storyline was never handled with care or consideration and this certainly wasn’t. They can’t fathom the thematic elements of the futility of war, revenge and violence that run throughout Martin’s novels.


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