I changed my profile picture into this, with a caption that said that normally I don’t do this, but I wanted to show my support for the victims of the hate crime in Orlando. Especially because several media fails in recognizing it for what it is: a hate crime against lgbtq+ people (and not some isis shit).

Then one of my fb friends comments the photo with this picture. Wtf.
I know it could’ve been much worse with homophobia and such, but I still think that it’s waaaaay inappropriate. Did the word lgbtq remind him of lesbian sex? Did he think that this is a fucking joke? I got so angry. Of course I deleted the comment and I just wrote to him that he crossed the line, because I’m obviously very affected by what happened. Wonder what he’ll answer.

He just answered: Yeah sure !
In response to my last sentence “I hope you understand”. Ok, pretty weak but at least he doesn’t start any drama or anything. Sigh.

Oh. He just texted again: “and I’m sorry if I hurt you. It wasn’t my intention”. THERE. That’s what I needed.

Omg. Now he said: I just didn’t see the people in the massacre as homosexuals. It’s people like everybody else, so I thought that a picture of a funny cat didn’t hurt.
Ok, you just missed my whole point and it proves that you don’t understand anything about this. It’s not “just people” when it’s a hate crime ffs.

I just didn’t see the people in the massacre as homosexuals. It’s people like everybody else, so I thought that a picture of a funny cat didn’t hurt.

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First of all, even if it had been people like everybody else, such comment would have been highly inappropriate. Next…

It was a homophobic attack.

That kind of attacks have a name, it’s called hate crime. This man didn’t fire in some random public place, which would already be atrocious, he targeted a LGBT+ nightclub.

It was a homophobic attack by a homophobic man, we have to call a spade a spade.

I told him that exactly and he answered me with: “you’re right, but” and kept going on about how sexuality is the last thing on his mind when people are getting killed.


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#when people start with yes#and then go with but#they don’t understand that it completely invalidates their previous yes#it’s like they never said yes#they better not say yes at all#who are they to judge our pain#and what’s appropriate or not when it’s about OUR community#plus it would inappropriate in any context !!!#i’m done#heteronormativity#straight privilege


“yes, but…” might as well be “no”. What a dick. Ugh, so sorry you had to deal with that @thefriendlychip

Funny how people only want to generalize when it’s LGBT folks getting killed. “They’re just people” now that they’re dead? How convenient for you to not have to deal with your homophobia that way.  


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