I’m going to make this as short as possible. If LGBT fans didn’t make a HUGE uproar about what happened to Lexa (and I mean absolutely huge, we had variety and hollywood reporter writing about us, we could not be ignored), the showrunner and the writers wouldn’t have even given us the time of day. They still barely give us the time of day, don’t know if you noticed. After Jason’s half assed apology letter in which he stated he’d “do it all over again”, he disappeared from social media. The writers gave their condolences for the first… week? Two weeks? They haven’t talked about Lexa in ages. The only person still talking about Lexa is Eliza Taylor, and that’s because she knows how much Lexa meant to us. She doesn’t feel pressured, like your fandom seems to think. She’s always loved Lexa/Clexa, she wants to keep Lexa’s memory alive. She’s not “catering” to us, and frankly it’s quite insulting if that’s what you’re implying, like these LGBT+ fans don’t deserve someone on our side without them secretly resenting it.

So, onto your next question. Why didn’t the clexas make as big of an uproar about Lincoln’s death? Why didn’t they make a bigger uproar about cultural appropriation, the ethnicity erasure, the white saviors, etc?

Fair enough. But I can also ask your fandom the exact same question. Your fandom is still watching the show. Your fandom has bent over backwards to excuse the writers of every problematic thing they’ve done, simply because you believe they’re headed towards a bellarke endgame. Your fandom is the one constantly ignoring LGBT+ issues to talk about racial issues (WHICH, is fine, but don’t turn it around and yell at us for focusing mainly on LGBT+ issues), yet you stay quiet, don’t trend (even when we’ve offered to help), or really do anything close to what we’ve been doing in regards to Lexa’s death to combat the blatant racism on this show.

If you guys did literally anything to call the show out for racism, we would help. We’ve offered our help a million times. Yet your fandom always says “hm… no :/ we don’t want to upset the writers”. Fine, but if you value a ship over these issues, don’t blame us for focusing on LGBT+ issues.

If somebody wants to @bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16 so they can see a response to their question, go for it. Unless it was rhetorical and they just wanted to shit on the clexughs.


@bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16, I can point you in the direction of my review of the episode where Lincoln dies and my discussion of how horrifically Ricky Whittle was treated throughout his tenure on the show. I can’t force the media to pay attention to what I’ve said, but I can tell you that this is one Clexa fan who was absolutely disgusted by how Ricky Whittle was treated and have raged about it online. 

I’ve also discussed the blatant racism on this show in almost every single one of my reviews of this season, though when I do, I have gotten called out for it by members of your fanbase. When I talked about Bellamy being whitewashed by the writers (by having his younger self played by a white boy), I was told I was being racist for even saying so, not the writers who actually whitewashed him. When I discussed how problematic Octavia’s treatment of him was and how uncomfortable it made me, despite it being in character for her, I was told I was racist for not being more angry at Octavia’s treatment and for admitting it was something her character would do, even though I said it was disgusting. Almost every time I’ve tried to talk about race in my reviews or about Bellamy’s character arc this season being woefully underwritten and horribly colonialist/violent and inconsistent, I’ve been called a racist. I’ve been told I should just accept what the writers have done to his character arc because to not condone his behavior on the show this season is racism. 

Yet not once did I receive recognition from your fanbase for the times I called out what was done to Lincoln, to Pike, to Hannah Green, and to Monty this season. I have been disgusted with the racist undertones of killing off and torturing poc this season since the beginning of my reviews, yet the only time people from your ship engaged with me was when I said something negative about Bellamy. We’re talking about it, but either you all aren’t listening or you are choosing to ignore what we’re doing. 

If you really care as much about it as you claim to, why do you spend more time defending Bellamy than you do organizing twitter campaigns, fundraisers, writing letters to sponsors to make your frustration known? Why is it that the only time I hear from your fanbase is when I mention my dislike for how Bellamy was written this season and not when I discuss the blatant racism and the killing off or torturing of poc this season? If you are so angry about racism, why do you direct it at clexa fans and not at the writers/showrunners/funders of the show? You are welcome to join with us in our anger over the treatment of minorities this season; we can be on the same team. Instead of telling us to direct our outrage elsewhere, you could use some of the outrage you claim to have to fight for the battle you care about and we can attack them together. 

TL;DR: Don’t police our rage, channel your own. 


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