Post-Canon!AU: The Kings and Queens of Winter

Their father once said that in winter, they must protect one another, keep each other warm, share their strengths.  So they shared their strength, and their crown as well.

King Brandon the Divine
↳ It was said that King Brandon knew the magic of the gods–when he spoke, mountains trembled, and when he smiled birds sang.  King Brandon and his siblings certainly did little to quell the rumors that the old gods had given him powers the likes of which no living man or beast could match.  Though perhaps not the most vocal of his siblings, King Brandon’s word was often the one that ended any dispute among them, and it was said that he knew of trouble long before news reached Winterfell.  How he knew what he knew–whether it was truly the magic of the gods–none can say. But that his knowledge allowed for strong rule in the North was undeniable.

Queen Sansa the Gracious
↳ When the Lords and Kings beyond the Broken Neck called upon the North, it was Queen Sansa who treated with them, and when invitations made their way to Winterfell, of the royal siblings, it was Queen Sansa who went–though it is said she was never so happy as when she saw Winterfell in the distance after a journey away from home.  She was regarded as instrumental to the goodwill between the Kingdom of the North and those to the South, for she had come to know the Lords of the South well during her time in captivity.  A patron of the arts, there were never singers far from Queen Sansa, and at her bidding, the North came to know tourneys and festivals in the summers to celebrate the longer, warmer days.  

Queen Arya the Open-Hearted
↳ Queen Arya gave her heart to her people.  Of the Kings and Queens, Queen Arya was the one who left Winterfell the most frequently, though never for very long and never going very far.  She often spoke of knowing that, though it saddened her to leave the halls of her forbears, it was her duty to do so, for she rode throughout the kingdom, ensuring that the Lords of the North did not abuse their smallfolk.  When Queen Arya came to a holdfast, there was no one too lowly to meet with her, and if there was any sign of corruption, Queen Arya brought an end to it with practiced dexterity.  All of the North knew her love, and in return gave her theirs as well.

King Rickon the Peacebringer
↳ As a babe, King Rickon was loath to leave the castle that was his home, for whenever those he loved left, he feared they would not come back.  As a man grown, King Rickon was also loath to leave his brother’s side, for the two relied upon one another dearly.  But when King Rickon did leave the stronghold of Stark, it was said that peace was sure to follow, for King Rickon only ever left at the head of an army to bring an end to whatever troubled the realm, and it was King Rickon who oversaw the King’s Justice and took the heads of traitors to the North.  The youngest of his siblings, King Rickon never remembered their youth together in Winterfell.  To him, it was living a dream, and he was determined that this dream would not become a nightmare again.

Perfect fancasting! I love George as Bran. He has the gentleness I can see in a grown up Bran. Of course, Lotte is perfect as an older Sansa.


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