You’ve seen the billboards. You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve seen the worldwide Twitter trends. You’ve seen the thousands of dollars donated in support of struggling LGBT+ youth. But why has the death of one fictional character sparked such a revolution?

To answer that question, you need to go back to the start: to the moment when the hopes of LGBT+ fans of The 100 became more than just wishful thinking, and when the show began to garner mainstream media attention because of its groundbreaking treatment of queer relationships. You need to look back at how the writers and showrunners dismissed fans’ fears, stoked their excitement, and built up their hopes. And you need to see the moment when it all came crashing down, LGBT+ viewers’ dreams turned to despair at the hands of one stray bullet.

LGBT+ viewers so rarely get to see themselves represented on screen, and when they do, they can usually expect misery or death. In season 2, The 100 asked its viewers to consider that “maybe life should be about more than just surviving.” In season 3, with the death of Lexa, the show made it clear that the answer was NO.

The video is a collaboration of tumblr users @ishipbadasschicks and @hedahaven with special thanks to @100fearsandfeels, @biclexualwonders, @checkeredsuspenders , and @commandergreeneyes

Special thinks to tumblr user @ohhedamyheda for the description.

So proud to have the honor of being a part of this movement!

spread this, guys. tweet it at celebs/writers who have been supportive of the movement! 


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