Sansa and Jon in Game of Thrones 6.05 – The Door (x)

Jon: OKAY. SO. Taking back the North, that is ON THE DOCKET FOR SURE. We are DOING THAT. But, like, first, I was thinking- and hear me out on this- Lys. Some drinks. A nap or 12. Maybe one of those Pleasure Houses they talk about. Just for, like, a fortnight, tops. Maybe two fortnights. Is that how we measure time?

Sansa: So help me, Jesus McManbun….

Jon: BUT LISTEN! I hear Essos is beautiful this time of year. Death really did a number on my skin, I’m to pale to feel confident going into battle right now. You look like you could use a little sun too. I’m just saying!

Sansa: JFC

Jon: A week.

Sansa: Jon.

Jon: 5 days?

Sansa: JON.

Jon: Long weekend?

Sansa: *grabs Jon’s manbun* WE ARE GOING TO BEAR ISLAND FFS. 


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