#uh my lexa quote since forever     #i always die tbh like i wish we’d seen more of this!!!!     #lexa struggling between what she’s been taught and just.     #all.l the love she carries inside of her because like!!!     #she struggled with it in s2.     #and then this season she’s so much more open and it must beb ecause like     #*be because     #she realized how painful it was to lose clarke and she has a second chance like she can make it right now!!     #but like!!     #that’s soooo much offscreen development it makes me sad    #and i want to see them work through that together!!!     #work on lexa’s conflict between head and heart because she was brainwashed into thinking that love is weakness! that doesn’t just go away!!     #and working through clarke’s issues–her anger with lexa. the way she pushes things away. the way she compartmentalizes     #and sacrifices herself and her own happiness     #anyway i love this gifset and i love this quote and i love lexa (@decalexas tryna murder me)


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