Jehovah’s Witnesses video teaches kids to shame kids of same-sex parents

In the most recent video posted to the children’s section on the official Jehovah’s Witnesses website, the lesson is: The best way to handle lesbian moms is to tell their kids that their family isn’t going to heaven.

The latest lesson, called “One Man, One Woman,” follows the story of a little girl who sees a drawing of a family with two moms in her classroom. Confused, she runs home to tell her mom—who explains that those moms aren’t going to be allowed into paradise, because being gay is kinda of like trying to bring a bomb on a airplane.

To be fair, they never specify it’s a bomb, just that it’s something “that wasn’t allowed” and apparently would set off a metal detector. So, you know, it could just be a gun or a knife.

Can we talk about why her brother has no face though?

^ Seriously. A child drawing a happy same sex couple? Fabluous, beautiful, keep it up. A child drawing her brother without a face? Disturbing as hell.


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