“Alycia and I loved to talk about flowers behind the scenes, like we would google flowers. She was my flower buddy, I miss her.“

This is even more cute than I imagined. Flower buddies ❤

OK, so, can you imagine a loo au where Bellamy knows all about flowers (and the language of flowers) because, you know he studied them on the Ark in school. Lexa, on the other hand, knows nothing because she was being trained as a commander. Like, she knows which ones are poisonous or medicinal but not much else. Flowers that are pretty with no value? She’s got nothing.

Now imagine that she’s feeling super mushy and wants to make a display of flowers for Clarke in the bedroom. She’s tired of candles and wants a change and also wants to do something special for Clarke to make her happy and flowers for Clarke ‘just because’ seems like a good way to be romantic and spontaneous (something Clarke is telling her she should do more of, she works too hard). So, Lexa goes to Bellamy and he’s like, “I know just the thing!” and talks her through what flowers mean and how to communicate complex thoughts and feelings to Clarke in the language of flowers (because, you know Clarke studied this too on the Ark so she’d be able to interpret the message). And Lexa is a bit overwhelmed but does it anyway and Clarke comes in, sees Lexa’s message in flowers and then just drags her over to the bed and goes down hard. 


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