These are a few of the tweets
I’ve directed at Jason Rothenberg and TheCW, and I strongly urge you all to do
the same.

It’s been weeks since John Murphy
was raped by Ontari and the show has done nothing but gloss over it. I was
upset by the rape, but I was willing to look past it if the show used it to
talk about coercion or show the struggles male rape victims face or, hell, even
show Murphy hurting over it. But so far the show hasn’t done shit and, I’ll be
honest, I don’t expect them to ever address it.

I know from personal experience
that there were many Murphy fans who were extremely hurt or upset over the
rape. I planned to do this trend earlier, but I decided to wait for the show to
address it…and waited and waited. Jason put a rape in his show and traumatized
his fans for nothing but shock value. There’s no other way to look at it. The
rape didn’t impact the story at all.

Direct all your anger, sadness,
and frustration at Jason, who is responsible for this disgusting storyline and
for making a mockery of John Murphy’s trauma. He thinks we’ve forgotten about
it – let him know we haven’t. Hold him accountable. Don’t let him get away with
this. On the other hand, let TheCW know that they cannot allow a show on their
network to air such a harmful storyline to male rape victims without
consequences. Tell TheCW how pissed we are. Get Jason fired.

Make sure to use the proper format:
WHY WAS JOHN MURPHY RAPED? All caps, spaces, and no hashtag. I hope to rally
fans of every character because everyone in the fandom deserves answers for
that awful scene. Even if you’re not a fan of Murphy, I still hope you will
tweet or at least reblog this post because this is so much bigger than just
Murphy. We need to show male rape victims, who already face a lot of stigma,
that this is not okay and we are on their side. We need to get TheCW to see
that keeping Jason on as showrunner is a mistake.

I’d also like to remind you all
that Rhiannon Fish is a great actress, lovely person, and is in no way
responsible for what her character did this episode. Don’t send her any hate –
send all that Jason’s way.

So, please, join me in tweeting WHY
WAS JOHN MURPHY RAPED? and getting people to demand to know why a rape scene
was included and then not addressed by the show at all.


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