The Offical Booksnob GoT Theme Song is here!!!!!

courtesy of @1000eyesandone, who made my “lyrical” suggestions actual art.

For those who missed. This is stuck in my head and it’s beautiful.


Why do critics give this show a pass?

(shock deaths / with no context / and it’s sexist / to the nth degree)

Awful writing gets Emmys out the ass.

(plot just / makes no sense but / please ignore that / here’s some nudity)

“Themes are just for 8th grade book reports”

(Actors / do a fine job / it’s not their fault / writing is so lame)

“What, you don’t like these rapes?  Lousy sports.”

(Don’t blame / Mr. Martin / we assure you / books are not the same)

“We have strong female leads with attitude”

(Kind of / homophobic / but more blatant- / ly misogynist)

“Watch as they’re raped or saved by dudes”

(Plus we / accidentally / make the villains / the protagonists)

Did they even read the books?

(We loved season one and season two was pretty fun

by season three you really see just what the show runners have done

to simplify and stupify. They think that they are better wri-

ters than Martin.  (Did we mention that we really like the theme song though?))

Why do people still watch this show?

(Seasons four and five what characters are still alive

Are inconsistent.  But who cares when we’ve got crazy action CGI?

The show is just a bro fest that’s why we are here to protest this

Show sucks

Game of Thrones sucks Game of Thrones sucks Game of Thrones sucks

Game of Thrones–SUCKS!!!

Now with the lyrics!


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