Aegon V Targaryen & Duncan Targaryen

He had his mother’s eyes, Egg’s firstborn; eyes as black as a raven’s feather, shining brightly from the face of a beautiful boy conceived beneath the great dead weirwood tree in Raventree’s godswood. Here, under the same weirwood tree where they had earlier recited one of the two wedding vows customary for the union between a Targaryen and a Blackwood, Aegon and Betha swore a different kind of oath, not to any gods old or new, but to each other, to the love they bore one another.

The boy they conceived with love under that weirwood tree would grow to be a man who cited love as one of his reasons for overlooking his duty. Love, and his father’s dream of a different kind of realm.  

“You were the one who taught me that highborn or lowborn, titled or untitled, underneath it all, we are all the same, all deserving of the king’s justice and the king’s protection.”

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