Everything perfectly said in this video is on point.

I’m not in the Steven Universe fandom, but I’m completely aware of this bullshit that occurred lately, and I’m so grossed out. This is inexcusable behavior that unfortunately does not occur solely in that fandom, but in sectors of EVERY fandom, and so I feel like everyone needs to watch this.

Watch it, then rewatch it. Soak it in and then mull it over. And know that if you are one of these people he’s addressing, go ahead and unfollow me now. Because this is toxic Tumblr mentality and I’m so completely sick of that shit. As someone who’s been on the receiving end of this disgusting treatment, I know how damaging it can be. If anything, the points he makes at the end really spoke to me – and if any of you have ever felt like less because of some assholes on Tumblr coming after you, seriously, you need to watch this. Watch it to the end and know you are worth so much more and these dicks aren’t even worth YOUR time.

Everything he says is 100% true, and I’m just glad somebody fucking said it.

Everything said here. If you’re part of the Steven Universe fandom – if ANY part of what happened to this girl is okay with you – unfollow me. I don’t want you anywhere near my blog.

Well, I think this sums up why I refuse to be associated with most fandoms nowadays.

“ Do NOT ever let them feel important, ever in ANY way. To anybody out there, that is ever felt so defeated, so alone, that has felt, that the entire world is against them, for no real f*cking reason, you know, and that sucks. But don’t let them win. DO NOT EVER put them on some pedestal of importance and decide that you matter less now because of their opinions, because of their f*cking bullshit ass words. They are all hollow words. ” [ AlphaOmegaSin]

I am reblogging this again because it seemed relevant for what happened today. Whenever I feel down, I just watch this guy rant about what is happening on Tumblr Fandom policing.

Also please take care of yourselves. Take a break. Also, please use the Block button.

To everyone, please want this video.

People who are this aggressive are such fucking losers it makes my head spin. And the great tragedy is those very same losers will see this post, think ‘that’s not ME’, even though it is, and continue feeling justified in harassing strangers on the Internet over stupid bullshit like who their OTP is.

It’s okay to disagree with people. But before you go to their inbox, ask yourself some questions:

1: Do I only feel comfortable saying this anonymously? If so, what is the reason for not being able to attribute my identity to my words?

2: Am I coming here looking for a discussion or to change a mind, or am I here to shame someone into submission so I can feel good about myself?

3: Will my message actually do anything constructive concerning what I’m offended about? Am I making a valid point, or am I just being mean? Is my message actually out of genuine concern for the subject at hand, or out of the need to feel better about myself?

4: If I’m only sending this message to feel better about myself, why is it that such gratification only comes from being an asshole and making someone feel terrible? Maybe there’s something wrong with me, far more than there’s something wrong with them?

5: If someone were to say this to me, would I think it’s okay? If someone said this to someone I care about, would I think it’s okay?

6: Is my anger *really* proportionate to the subject at hand, or am I taking this too far?

7: Do I actually care about this person’s perspective or educating them on something I believe them to be ignorant about? If so, is it really useful to confront them with disrespect or harassment? If not, why am I even messaging them at all?


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